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FT Recruitment - Recruitment Consulting - Terms Of Business1.  Rebate policy is; 100% up to and including week four, week five and six 75%, week seven and eight 50%, weeks nine and ten 25%.1.1This undertaking is conditional on the client meeting our Terms of Business and Conditions of Engagement in the first instance. These terms include payment in full of invoice within 28 days.2.  Confidentiality2.1FT Recruitment will not, without the agreement of the client, disclose to any unauthorised party confidential information entrusted to the consultant by the client.2.2FT Recruitment will not disclose any candidate’s details to any third party without the permission of the candidate.2.3All consultants’ reports regarding candidates are confidential and should not be shown to any unauthorised party. All reports that relate to candidates who are not appointed should be destroyed by the client as soon as practical, once the decision has been made not to appoint.2.4All discussions, negotiations and terms of business between FT Recruitment and the client will be regarded as “Commercial in Confidence” and will not be disclosed to any third party without written approval by the other party.3. Other undertakings3.1FT Recruitment will maintain a non-discrimination policy in respect of all candidates4. Costs agreed to be10% of the starting salary.4.1If the client (or any associated entity) appoints any candidate referred by FT Recruitment within six months from the date of the referral, then the applicable fee will be charged.4.2If a candidate's report is disclosed to a third party by the client (or any representative of the client, authorised or otherwise) the client will be charged the applicable fee, as if the client had employed the candidate.4.3In the event that you require the assigned FT Recruitment consultant to travel internationally, interstate or to a regional centre to interview and/or appraise candidates, the relevant travel and accommodation charges will be invoiced to you at cost.4.1If a candidate is required to travel out of their home town for interviews, we will seek your approval for payment of the travel and accommodation charges involved.5.  Payment5.1The terms of payment for FT Recruitment are 28 days from the date of invoice.

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